Clarion provide a range of IT and telecoms solutions focused at the education sector. Our primary area of expertise is providing cost effective telephone systems to replace expensive legacy hardware. Our solution works on a commercial model based on the number of simultaneous calls made as opposed to end user extensions and therefore this is an excellent fit for Education and we know that we are more cost effective than other providers. We cover a wide range of establishments from large colleges and school trusts to small primary schools. By removing costly ISDN lines, expensive maintenance contracts and by providing free calls we look to demonstrate a business case for change.

A core part of our business is also focused on green IT solutions. At our facility in Billingshurst, we re-manufacture a wide range of telephony and IT hardware. Where appropriate, we look to incorporate this with our new solutions through the buyback of legacy hardware that we displace and using our re-manufactured equipment to demonstrate further cost saving and championing of the circular economy. We run a localised tree planting scheme as part of our carbon offsetting program.